Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meals in Singapore

Dear all my friends,

Sorry for make you all wait for so long. As i promised before that i will share with you all about my graduation and backpack trip, but i can't make it yet. Give me sometimes, i will post all the great and best pictures which i took in my last trip after i settle down in this new place, Singapore.

Here is some photos in New York New York, a restaurant at Raffles Link, Singapore. Hehe, this meal is paid by Kuan with his first paid salary at a game development company after our graduation.

Dutch baked mussels

meat platter for two

Tangliatelle carbonara bacon

lemonade, green apple cooler &iced chocolate velvet


Monday, June 9, 2008

my gRaduation Trip

22days backpacking trip to:

1. Siam Reap, Cambodia.
2. Bangkok > Chang Mai > Chang Rai, Thailand.
3. Luang Prabang > Vientiane, Laos.

Members :

Kuan ( daiB ) ~ leader, map reader, decision maker &hidden-banker.
Characteristics: always have a lot of weird face expression.

Bee ( beeB )~ photographer, alarm clock, & secretary.
Characteristics: is a grandma.

William ( saiB ) ~ public banker, doctor
Characteristics: is a kid, and lost control when see mirror.

Leongi ( lagB )~ our entertainment and toy.
Characteristics: excited when see food, and bathroom is his another home.

*Because of the rushing of time, i'll tell you the details with some funny video clips and great photos when i back to Malaysia. See you.*

Sunday, May 25, 2008

greatest starting of the year

This is a travel of few months ago, in the January of 2008, in my semester break. My second times to Sabah. I have a very great and unforgettable travel at the last time( January of 2007) with a group of university friends. I went to Tanjung Aru, Bukit Batang, Rasa Ria(Seaside), Manukan Island , hike up to Mountain Kinabalu, Poring and etc. This time i went back to Sabah and i visited to a few more beautiful places. And i bring along my DSLR and my sketching book. So for sure i will never leave out the chances to catch up some pretty landscape photographs for my personal album.

The sunset after raining at Tip of Borneo, Kudat. After 3 hours travel and pass through a long stony road, we are finally arrive TOB. But we have to stay under the shelter because of the heavy rains. Even we missed out the sunset, but the rains take us to another experience. This view is just right in front of us and the shelter. The sky is so beautiful every time. The horizon of the sea and the clean and clear atmosphere catch my eye most. The reflection of the sunlight on the surface of sea added some mystery for this view. I believe it will become my next topic when pasteling.

Stop for Tip of Borneo from our shelter.

I was at the Tip of Borneo.

Clean and peaceful atmosphere after the raining.

Dock of Kudat. The fisherman boats and the blue sky create a good combination with the far-away mountain as their background.

Seaside at Karamunai.

This is the another of my favorite collection. The cloudy blue-gray sky with sea and long long beach.

This is not for pasteling or special collection. We saw it when we're on the way back home from Karamunai. Rain and rainbow are my special loves.

This is Kuan &me. We were on a fast boat to Manukan Island. This is my small drawing travel. So for sure, i bring along my sketchbook and all the drawing materials with me.

We're very lucky because of the clear atmosphere, we saw Mount Kinabalu from the boat to Manukan.

*BIg Fish*

The noontime and early morning of the seaside appear in opposite contrast. The first one is bright and strong.The second is smooth and calm. I always prefer the second spot to be my topic in drawing.For capture the emotion of morning sky, i intendly wake up early and choose to spend my morning at the seaside with my sketchbook.

It is so proud and never scare of stranger. This is also become my pastel's topic after i went back to Cyberjaya.

Drawing the bee with flowers at dining table when having breakfast with Kuan.

*Roses from Mesilau*

*Mount Kinabalu*

This is all taken from Mesilau.It is amazing,is it?Mount Kinabalu.When we can prove the pretty of Mount Kinabalu again in so close distance, we decide to hike the mountain again, but the next time we will hike through the Mesilau Trail. I like to mention here that the 10th picture from here to above is frying chicken's butt :|

*Took from inside the plane**Sunset, Mount Kinabalu, High Air*

My highest rating food at Sabah is fresh cook crabs, serve with chili padi.

The second sure is this, Coconut Puding. It is best eat in cold. I ate it when on the way back from Kudat to Kota Kinabalu.
And my last recommend is the red ubi from Mesilau. It is sweet and especially smell and taste good in BBQ.